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There are thousands of good software development companies, but none can compare with TATEEDA.

Our goal is to create the best custom software solution for our clients using the most innovative technology.

We develop quality websites with cutting-edge functionality.

A professional website plays a key role in the successful development of any business. It provides mobility and access to information and communication from anywhere in the world. Our personalized approach looks at all aspects of your business, to create a unique interactive website that blends flawless functionality with exceptional user experience.

 The specialists at TATEEDA can transform your most abstract concepts into web apps that wow your audience. Our team combines expertise with creativity to create a quality product that meets and exceeds your expectations. We will make sure your website meets your current needs, and we will suggest innovations for future growth. We pay special attention to intuitive usability, responsive functionality and impregnable security to build high-quality apps that outshine their competitors.


With every opportunity, we reevaluate current technology stacks and are always looking into the newest trends in the web development space.
We will help you select the newest technology that best suits your project, and deliver custom web development solutions that meet and exceed your business needs and goals.

Our tech choices are based on popularity among developers, productivity, maintainability, ease of use and rate of adoption.

  • Angular JS

  • HTML 5

  • CSS 3

  • .NET

  • MVC

  • MS SQL

  • Node JS

  • Dart

  • Flutter

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TATEEDA’s web applications are designed to optimize security, performance and aesthetics. Our team’s customer-oriented approach provides guidance throughout the entire web development process. We keep you in the loop with detailed reports and documentation at every step of application development.

Our client-side code is typically created with Angular JS,  or with the client’s choice of other options like React JS, Knockout JS or pure JavaScript. In some cases, client sites are built using ASP.NET MVC or JSP. We encourage our clients to upgrade their legacy classic ASP, Form Based ASP.Net or others to newer, more secure and more powerful frameworks.

All of our web applications are designed with mobile-first functionality, and built from the ground up to support a responsive design based on Bootstrap libraries.

Quality is at the core of TATEEDA’s San Diego web development services. Every project undergoes stringent quality assessment and testing. We run frequent quality checks to ensure uninterrupted performance and reduce the risk of costly fixes.

TATEEDA’s hallmark is unprecedented quality. Our web application development services undergo stringent quality assessment and testing. We run frequent quality checks to ensure uninterrupted performance and reduce the risk of costly fixes.

TATEEDA supports server-side technology such as .Net, Node and Java. We facilitate the deployment of web applications to cloud services like Azure and Amazon.

Web Development Services

Mobile Websites

Our websites are flexible and freely adaptable to the screen resolution of any device. Our products perform perfectly with any browser or platform. We can create a complementary mobile application for any existing website, to expand and enhance its usability for mobile devices.


Our content management system (CMS) allows any user to easily manage website content, even with no programming skills. This system lets you customize your website according to your preferences, with quick access to statistics, polls, blogs and other content.

Social Media Apps

Social media is the best place to reach your end users and attract new customers. We create social web applications for all your needs: social media commercial projects, turn-key communities, on-line services with social features or media content exchange solutions.

Web Sites for Various Industries

Business & Finance

Your business website and mobile app combine your calling card, technical support and sales department into a single entity. If done properly, you will need only one website. When you partner with our company, you are assigned a skilled team of designers, programmers, analysts and testers, all dedicated to creating a modern, high-quality product to satisfy your business needs.

Medicine & Healthcare

Businesses developing a medical website and mobile app have an outstanding  opportunity to grow the number of satisfied customers, promote your brand and increase your revenue. Our specialists will help you create a professional site that broadcasts the benefits of your business to potential customers across the web. Advise your patients, publish the latest news in your field and build trusting relationships with your loyal clients.


Today’s biotechnology projects capture the world’s attention and impress us all with relevant and innovative solutions. Technological breakthroughs in computer science enable the modeling of many natural processes, leading modern science to promising new discoveries. Our team will help you showcase your most exciting projects to the public.


E-commerce has become the preferred mode of doing business in modern times. TATEEDA is the ideal partner for developing online sales, and for supporting your product and brand at every stage of development. We advise you on scalable design and server architecture that will allow you to serve an expanding customer base as your business grows.

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Truth: We are always open and honest with our clients, and will never try to deceive you.

Talent: We hire only the best and the brightest developers, to ensure you receive a quality product made with pride.

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