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I have a teenage son who is doing exceptionally well in school and spending time every day at water polo practice. He is busy, no doubt but he still finds time for one additions…his PC video games (Fortnite, Call of Duty, and other online games). For his good grades in school and sports achievements, he was rewarded with his dream gaming computer (Oh boy, was that a mistake?) The older he got, the more challenging it would become to get him to do his homework first and not play games during the school week. Granted, he still listens to us when we are at home and watching him, but when we are not…

We knew we had a problem.
I started to search for applications to solve this issue and I found several paid apps for all kind of devices, but it wasn’t what I needed.
I didn’t want to completely block his PC so that he could use it to do his homework. I didn’t want to block URLs on the router, because we use “YouTube” and stream TV sometimes.
I tried native parental control on Windows 10 but it would not work in the way I expected. It will block time to allow access, but wouldn’t log out after allowed time was reached. (Maybe it just this version of Windows)
Then, over one weekend I got so frustrated and wrote this app for a PC to log my son out on MY schedule.
With help of our team, we added online capability to control screen time remotely.


We want kids to have freedom and spend more time with parents or friends. We want our kids to get good grades in school and play sports.
We want them to go to bed on time and not to stay up all night playing games.
We want kids to know that parents are still in control and we want parents to enforce rules whether they are at home or not. Also, we want it to be FREE


So what does the Log Me Out do?
There are two parts to this application. First is the service running on your/teen PC and the second part is the Cloud Service where settings can be changed.

  • Log me out (LMO) will allow to set flexible schedule for PC use.
  • PC can be used to run allowed applications and visit websites
  • It will block websites or keywords you want to block
  • It will block applications you do not allow to run

There is no need to use online services. It can be configured without accessing the web. I this case you just make change remotely and it is slightly harder 🙂

Technical details and download