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TATEEDA GLOBAL has deep expertise in providing custom software development outsourcing services for American and global clients. We are an onshore outsourcing company with HQ in San Diego, California and corporate R&D offices and resources in Eastern Europe and worldwide. Accelerate your business and IT projects with us!

We specialize in hi-tech software development outsourcing: IoT, medical and biotech systems with web, mobile, desktop, and embedded programming.


Accelerate Your Business Activities and Outsource Software Development To TATEEDA GLOBAL

Outsource your software development projects to our skilled IT professionals and engineers. TATEEDA GLOBAL will help you design and build high-quality software products in a cost-efficient way. Here’s what we offer…

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    Cost-effective billing models and intelligent cost management

  • All major IT fields, including front-end, back-end, mobile, DevOps, UI design, and other resources

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    High-level engineering support and guidance

  • You’ll be excited about our business attitudes and the soft skills possessed by our dedicated teams

  • All types of remote software development outstaffing services for your needs, including short-term and long-term team augmentation

  • Our selection process helps us recruit not only the most qualified, but also the most responsive and loyal specialists in the IT outsourcing industry


Benefits of Outsourcing Your Software Development Projects to a Partner Like Us

Finding a reliable software development outsourcing vendor will bring plenty of benefits to your business. If your company’s competency lies beyond IT disciplines, dealing with software development yourself could become a headache. Instead, outsource your custom software projects to IT professionals like TATEEDA GLOBAL, and get all your software needs and projects covered under one roof.

  • Finish your IT projects faster and more successfully to amplify your business processes.
  • Get crucial software engineering advice and tech consulting services…all in one place.
  • Instantly access senior IT experts and software development talent without paying the cost of permanent employment and social benefits.
  • Scale your team flexibly by adding essential skills and specialists without any administrative overhead or bureaucracy.
  • Minimize overall costs for your software development process, revealing hidden financial resources to unlock business growth.
  • Make sure your software meets your exact business needs. We can upgrade your legacy software or develop new custom systems with open-source or proprietary platforms and up-to-date technologies.


We Make Custom Software Development Outsourcing Easy for You

Your journey starts with a free call with our experienced software engineer, who is ready to help you with qualified consulting and engineering expertise in a number of fields: biotech, healthcare, pharmacy, embedded, and laboratory software.

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    Initial Contact

    Contact our experienced software expert (not a sales specialist) and discuss your project. Make sure to get enough advice and information to move forward immediately.

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    Free Estimate

    Get a free high-level estimate and project plan to amplify your decision-making process. Feel free to contact us again for any revisions.

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    Deliberated Agreement

    If you agree to proceed with outsourcing your software project to us, we’ll delve into more project detail and determine the resources you’ll need to accomplish it. After that, we will sign a contract including an NDA and other crucial conditions.

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    Let’s work together and manage your team and projects as required by the situation! If you require complete full-cycle outsourcing, managed or dedicated team services, episodic resource engagement, or augmented specialists, we can provide you with any suitable option.

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    Iterations and Testing

    Let’s iterate and polish until you obtain your perfect product and functionality. We have a professional QA team that can undertake all software product testing for you.

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    Maintenance and Support

    You can always rely on our continuous efforts for keeping your software products and services in the best shape, including a long-term plan for feature improvements and debugging.


TATEEDA GLOBAL helped AYA Healthсare build a comprehensive travel nurse management system that included web-based and mobile components like automated financial reporting and time tracking, mobile apps for medical workers, and a clinical portal for medical system representatives.

Mobile Development Web Development Medical Staff Management Medical Staff Portal Legacy System Re-engineering Project Reinforcement

TATEEDA has a wonderful team. They are knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and are committed to high quality results. They provide efficient solutions so we are able to continuously grow our business in great ways.

Anna King

Director of Product Development, AYA

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TATEEDA GLOBAL produced a sophisticated wireless remote heart monitoring system that presents ECG data to health care providers via iOS and Android tablets for arrhythmia detection.

Mobile Development Web Development QA Telehealth Remote Patient-monitoring Solution Remote Heart Monitoring

TATEEDA GLOBAL helped us get some key projects finished on time when our internal team was already at capacity. They gave us a way to do more without needing to add more staff or deal with more management overhead by handling the day to day details. If you’re looking for flexible and cost effective development resources that can work with your existing team, I’d highly recommend TATEEDA GLOBAL.

Dave Churchville

Principal, Ventrilink

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TATEEDA GLOBAL developed an iOS/Android mobile application for La Maestra Community Health Centers patients, allowing them to conveniently find nearby medical centers, view available services and contact details, and check community news.

Patient Portal Mobile Development Web Development

TATEEDA had a very methodical approach in helping up develop our mobile app. Besides just developing the software, it required managing my team (as the customer) to provide the required information and decision making.

TATEEDA’s always had our best interest in mind and made sure we have a realistic expectation.

Sal Saldivar

CTO, La Maestra Community Health Centers

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TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired to help the client provide healthcare organizations and facilities with electronic data-capture forms. Our team members currently assist them with design, coding, testing, and automatic rendering of electronic questionnaires for patients and clinicians.

Web Development Electronic Data Capture in Healthcare QA Software Maintenance Services Project Reinforcement
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Visualization of sample statuses

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered a software solution for a famous brand laboratory to support robotic systems and automate specific lab protocols with highly streamlined performance. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Desktop Development Medical Laboratory Testing Device Lab Automation QA Project Reinforcement
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TATEEDA GLOBAL was hired by the client to design and build a web-based application/system to automate the processes of ordering, processing, and shipping prescription drugs. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Web Development Pharma Business Automation Prescription Management Pharmacy Inventory Management
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TATEEDA GLOBAL was involved as a project reinforcement partner to help SCRx Pharmacy with back-end development, cloud integration, third-party API integration, QA, and many other key business processes optimizations and improvements.

Online Medication Fulfillment OCR Integration Pharmacy Claim-management System Pharmacy Claims Automation Optical Character Recognition
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Solutions You Can Outsource to Us

We have ample resources and skills to undertake the development of high-end software systems for you. TATEEDA GLOBAL specializes in building health-tech solutions, medical software, IoT applications, and mobile apps for labs, healthcare facilities, and many other system types. Our talent is always ready to master new technologies and skills to develop better products for you.

Outsourcing Software Development

  • Patient and Medical Data Management Software

  • Laboratory Management Software (LIMS)

  • Biotech Software and Data Analytics Solutions

  • IoT Systems and Connected Device Integrations

  • Complex Mobile Application Development

  • Pharmacy Management Solutions

  • Staff Management Systems


You can rely on us for mobile app development and dedicated team outsourcing services. With TATEEDA GLOBAL you can…

  • Add additional resources to your team

  • Get full-scale development outsourcing services

  • Organically integrate our resources to your organization

  • Get our resources adapted to your organization’s specific needs and business processes

  • Outsource your mobile, desktop, web, and Cloud development


  • Our exclusive expertise is focused on outsourcing services for software development in science, biotech, and healthcare

  • Software development outsourcing in San Diego: A locally-based dedicated project manager takes care of team communication and processes

  • Full-stack team: project management, UI/UX, front-end & back-end devs, Dev Ops, QA

  • Compliance with critical standards in software outsourcing processes

  • Masters of Agile: We always stay on schedule, and scale resources when required

  • Cloud development: Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google

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    Integrated health-tech solutions with wearables, mobile, and IoT devices

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    Intelligent cost management with a combination of local and remote talent

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    Fast setup: Start your project quickly with our team ready in 48-72 hours


Software Development Technologies We Use

We possess a wide arsenal of technologies and skills, allowing us to become your one-stop IT outsourcing partner. TATEEDA GLOBAL has a powerful team of software developers who can join existing projects to reinforce your resources and cover any skill gaps or talent shortages.


What is outsourced software development?

It’s a smart strategy for IT task delegation in modern organizations that cannot afford an in-house IT team or dedicated IT department. You can delegate your software product development to a competent vendor like TATEEDA GLOBAL instead of maintaining a costly software development team. This is a great way to save time, energy, and money so you can redirect them to other areas of business growth. Software development outsourcing is successfully used by many companies that deploy software products for the facilitation and amplification of their business operations.

There exist different types of software development outsourcing companies, including agencies and robust companies like TATEEDA GLOBAL. Unlike agencies, we are not just a meeting point for clients and individual developers. We are a full-fledged company with our own team, engineering specialists, project managers, and strong HR processes. We make sure only the best developers work for you.

Thanks to software development outsourcing you can save considerable funds and accomplish your projects better and faster.

  • In fact, you can save on every factor involved in a typical IT project and without losing efficiency.
  • You don’t have to hire software developers in a traditional way including costly bureaucracy, social benefits, and other overhead.
  • You can save a lot of time and effort as you don’t need to cover any competency gaps on your own.
  • If you are looking for software development outsourcing in San Diego, you can hire professionals like TATEEDA GLOBAL and get a full-cycle service package with flexible billing based on the time our specialists actually worked with your product.
  • Also, you can benefit from our own software engineering expertise.

It’s difficult to predict a specific budget for a project until you analyze and estimate all specific conditions and underlying details. Looking at your custom software development outsourcing project’s potential budget, you’ll need to estimate software size, technologies, team size, and time required to accomplish your goals in the context of every involved specialist: software developers, UI designers, and project managers.

Reduction of software development costs can be unleashed in the following ways:

  • When you outsource software development to a vendor, you won’t need to spend valuable financial resources on HR processes and employment of IT specialists.
  • You can access a pool of IT specialists with a wide spectrum of skills in a matter of hours.
  • Efficient outsourcing involves a mix of local and remote talent to control project costs.

TATEEDA GLOBAL provides you with all of these benefits and more. Contact us today to discuss the details and get a free project estimate!

We have our main office in San Diego, California. This allows us to provide North American clients with convenient, personalized communication with our dedicated project managers and senior tech experts. In addition, we have our corporate R&D resources and offices in Eastern Europe and other global regions, which helps us manage project costs for you. We have a wide range of IT specialists, including software engineers and developers who can be swiftly deployed on your project. Everyone on our team is well-trained and great at interpersonal communication.

Sure, you can outsource your medical software projects to TATEEDA GLOBAL. We are true professionals in HIPAA-compliant software design and development, and we’ll share our knowledge and skills with you to help build efficient PHI-centered systems.

We have a proven track record of success building laboratory software solutions with hardware and software integrations and embedded programming. If you want to outsource your lab software project to us, you won’t be disappointed—we know how to build combined systems, including software platforms and connected lab devices.

Outsource the development and integration of your IoT software systems to us. We have considerable expertise in this area. For example, we helped our clients create a remote patient-monitoring system, including wireless biotech sensors and tablet applications.

Sure! Delegate your mobile application development to us. We have practical experience in designing and building tablet/mobile solutions for many industries, including protected patient portals for medical centers and other healthcare organizations. We have all the necessary skills to provide you with high-quality mobile software development outsourcing in high-tech areas like health-tech and biotech.

If you are looking for a pharma software outsourcing company to delegate your projects to, opt for TATEEDA GLOBAL. We have successfully worked with several pharma businesses, and will gladly share our technical expertise in building complicated pharmacy systems for pharma companies, including inventory and claim management.

We are always excited about designing and building workforce management products. You can feel confident about outsourcing your staff management software development to us! We have vast experience developing team/time and job management systems for American companies, including team augmentation for large projects.