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 As one of San Diego’s top mobile app development companies, we create innovative digital products that provide flawless user experience across a diverse range of industries.

The rapid development of technology has made mobile devices available to more users, and the popularity of mobile gadgets has fueled the demand for useful, interesting and entertaining mobile apps.

TATEEDA’s San – Diego mobile app development services pair advanced integrations with simple user-friendly designs.

We create customized mobile applications on IOS and Android for diverse business types of varying complexity.

Our hybrid app development process is based on the Cordova platform. This platform allows us to use standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, avoiding duplicate development in native languages for each mobile platform.

Whether you want to create a mobile application for smartphones, tablets or both, TATEEDA can build your app on any platform, for use on any device. We create your mobile application to your specifications, and scale it to satisfy your user demands.

We design and test every detail of your app, to provide an engaging, stylized and user-friendly product. Every feature of your application is clearly defined prior to development, and created to spec. Our end goal is to provide a superior user experience, with attention to detail at every stage of development.

TATEEDA reduces your app development time with effective project management. We create a centralized code for easy switching, to shorten turnaround time.

Mobile App Development Services

Native App Development

A native app is the best choice in certain cases. If your app is graphic-intensive, or you use it for bluetooth communication with a specialized medical device, we can create a native application that meets your needs.

Cross Platform App Development

Native apps are great for some situations, but most business applications do not justify the time and expense of developing two completely separate applications and then testing them both on different platforms. We routinely write once and deliver to IOS and Android platforms within days of each other. Our clients love our speedy productivity, and their customers love having immediate access to the app on their platform of choice.

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TATEEDA’s expertise in both native and cross-platform technologies enables us to provide the best customized solutions to meet each client’s needs. We balance cost, quality and project requirements to give our clients a high-end product at an affordable price.

Mobile Apps for Various Industries

Our mobile app development services company works with businesses of all sizes across numerous industries. We serve startups, fast growth companies and established enterprises. Below are some of the industries we work with:

Business & Finance

Your business website and mobile app combine your calling card, technical support and sales department into a single entity. If done properly, you will need only one website. When you partner with our company, you are assigned a skilled team of designers, programmers, analysts and testers, all dedicated to creating a modern, high-quality product to satisfy your business needs.

Medicine & Healthcare

Businesses developing a medical website and mobile app have an outstanding  opportunity to grow the number of satisfied customers, promote your brand and increase your revenue. Our specialists will help you create a professional site that broadcasts the benefits of your business to potential customers across the web. Advise your patients, publish the latest news in your field and build trusting relationships with your loyal clients.


Today’s biotechnology projects capture the world’s attention and impress us all with relevant and innovative solutions. Technological breakthroughs in computer science enable the modeling of many natural processes, leading modern science to promising new discoveries. Our team will help you showcase your most exciting projects to the public.


E-commerce has become the preferred mode of doing business in modern times. TATEEDA is the ideal partner for developing online sales, and for supporting your product and brand at every stage of development. We advise you on scalable design and server architecture that will allow you to serve an expanding customer base as your business grows.

Our offices are located in San Diego, but we provide mobile app development services to businesses across the USA.

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Trust: You can trust your mobile application project to TATEEDA, knowing you will get a quality product at a great value.

Transparency: We keep you informed and welcome your feedback throughout the mobile application development lifecycle.

Timeliness: We make every effort to adhere to our development timeline, to deliver your completed mobile application when promised.

Truth: We are always open and honest with our clients, and will never try to deceive you.

Talent: We hire only the best and the brightest developers, to ensure you receive a quality mobile application made with pride.

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