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Are you interested in Internet of Things (IoT) software development based in San Diego? TATEEDA GLOBAL has all the necessary skills and capabilities to help you build software products with connected devices and/or IoT networks. We have deep expertise in IoT technology, including embedded system programming, secure data exchange, and IoT ecosystem design.


What IoT Solutions Are Used for

As an experienced Internet of Things development company, TATEEDA GLOBAL has a deep understanding of IoT solutions and applications for pharma business operations, healthcare, biotech, and more. Systems involving IoT devices, software, and network nodes are extremely efficient in a number of fields, like…


Our IoT Service Offerings for your Business Operations

TATEEDA GLOBAL offers a wide spectrum of the Internet of Things development services for your business. Here are the primary services we provide…

IoT software development outsourcing

If you want to partner with an experienced Internet of Things software development company, TATEEDA GLOBAL is here for you. We offer full-cycle IoT software development including Internet of Things system design, engineering, cloud technologies, coding, and QA services like IoT software debugging, continuous code refactoring, features improvement, and more.

IoT adoption and device integration

We can help you build a software system that combines mobile and desktop software platforms with connected devices. TATEEDA GLOBAL has considerable experience designing and developing IoT software that supports IoT device integration and other wireless hardware/software combined systems.

IoT application testing and QA services

The IoT product life cycle consists of several phases, with IoT software testing and quality assurance practices appearing in later project stages. If you need a partner to undertake all-around testing processes for your IoT software, our QA team can help you with this. TATEEDA GLOBAL’s engineers can help you release an optimal product and lead it through all required testing strategies.

IoT application management for sustainable operation

Remote management of IoT applications can include additional code refactoring, new-feature implementation, security audits, ongoing server maintenance, software debugging, and updates. If you need continuous assistance keeping your IoT software in order, contact TATEEDA GLOBAL to learn more.

IoT software development team augmentation

If you want to add IoT application developers, TATEEDA GLOBAL can help you reinforce your project with our resources. Our IoT software developers are skilled in both technical matters and interpersonal communication. We can integrate with your existing IoT software development team organically.

IoT environment engineering and consulting

TATEEDA GLOBAL’s experienced IoT engineers can provide you with qualified consulting services in the context of high-end hybrid environments involving connected devices, vertical and horizontal data exchange between devices, Cloud solutions, IoT gateways, cutting-edge engineering, mobile apps, and other software platforms.


Our IoT Application Development Case Studies

Our Internet of Things development company has a decade of success in the market. TATEEDA GLOBAL has worked with a wide range of American partners to execute or reinforce IoT projects and digital transformation efforts, including the solutions described below.



TATEEDA GLOBAL produced a sophisticated wireless remote heart monitoring system that presents ECG data to health care providers via iOS and Android tablets for arrhythmia detection.

Mobile Development Web Development Remote Patient-monitoring Solution Remote Heart Monitoring Telehealth QA
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Visualization of sample statuses

Labaratory Case NDA

TATEEDA GLOBAL delivered a software solution for a famous brand laboratory to support robotic systems and automate specific lab protocols with highly streamlined performance. Company names are prohibited under the conditions of our NDA.

Desktop Development Medical Laboratory Testing Device Lab Automation QA Project Reinforcement
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IoT Software Development Technologies We Use

IoT system development is complicated, and requires a range of additional technologies for web, embedded, Cloud, and mobile development for component systems. Our team offers all the necessary talent, skills, languages, frameworks, and deep expertise in hybrid Cloud and multi-Cloud options to ensure fast, secure data operations. Let’s get in touch to discuss the details of your project!


Why Work with TATEEDA GLOBAL for IoT Development?

Hybrid Systems with Wearables
Proven Medical IoT Experience
Senior IoT Software Developers
IoT Software Development Outstaffing
  • Our exclusive expertise. Our focus is the Internet of Things software for the science, biotech, and healthcare fields.

  • HQ in San Diego. We offer onshore Internet of Things software development and outsourcing services supported by dedicated project managers who take care of team communication and processes in local time zones.

  • Full-stack IoT team: project management, UI/UX, front-end & back-end devs, dev ops, and QA.

  • Compliance with critical IoT standards in software outsourcing processes.

  • Masters of Agile: we always stay on schedule and scale resources when required.

  • Cloud development for IoT technologies: Azure, AWS, Digital Ocean, Google.

  • Integrated solutions with wearables, mobile, and connected devices.

  • Intelligent cost management with a combination of local and remote talent.

  • Fast setup: Start your project quickly with our team ready in 48-72 hours.


Does TATEEDA GLOBAL build custom full-cycle IoT software?

Sure, you can outsource your whole IoT software development process to us. We can help you design, engineer, develop, and test your IoT software product according to your specific business requirements. We are ready to provide you with free consulting services for your future Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Contact us today for more information!

TATEEDA GLOBAL is an onshore IoT software development vendor based in San Diego, California. We provide our services to both local and international clients. At the same time, we have a powerful mix of local and remote talent, which allows us to provide you with better IoT software development rates. We maintain allocated R&D resources in Eastern Europe and other global regions, so we can easily align our Internet of Things development services with your time zone.

TATEEDA GLOBAL offers team augmentation services and full-cycle outsourcing. We can provide you with skilled supplementary resources to reinforce and scale up your team on a long-term or short-term basis. Our resources can be billed flexibly, depending on the time we engage with your project. We offer senior-level front-end/back-end developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, project managers, and more.

Yes. We have deep expertise in designing and building medical IoT systems, including mobile software and hardware components like lab devices and biomedical sensors. We work with several laboratory hardware providers and pharmaceutical businesses, too. If you are interested in HIPAA-compliant IoT software development, contact TATEEDA GLOBAL today!