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The ABCs of Application Software

Almost everyone on the planet owns or has access to computer technology in the form of desktops, laptops, pads or smartphones. Hardware makes up the “nuts and bolts” of your devices, but without software they would be useless. 

You can think of hardware as the brawn of your devices, and software as the brains. There are a variety of software types of software that serve a range of purposes, Knowing what’s what can help you find the best software solutions to meet your business, educational, creative and personal needs. 

Operating System and Application Software

The two major software types are application software and system software. System software underpins the functional operation of computer hardware. It provides a platform upon which to run application software. Examples of system software include operating systems like MacOS, iOS, Linux, Android and Microsoft Windows. Programming and driver software are also considered system software.

Application software helps users to perform specific tasks. This software type works with end users in mind, for educational, personal, creative, communication or business purposes. Application software is perpetually evolving to meet the needs and demands of an ever-changing world.

Operating System and Application Software

Types of Application Software

Most of us use multiple types of software on a daily basis, without giving it much thought. On any given day, we talk, text and socialize on our phones, conduct banking transactions, set up medical appointments, create documents for work or school, and conduct multiple other actions that were inconceivable just a few short decades ago. 

Software helps us design, compose, create and promote artwork, music, literature and film. The potential uses for application software are as limitless as the creative capacity of the human mind. 

Some of the most innovative and popular application software types include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software: AI is a rapidly growing field of computer science that focuses on creating smart machines that replicate human behavior. ML makes it possible for smart machines to process data and learn from it. AI and ML have broad applications for business processes, industry, the military and a host of other uses.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) software: AR imposes digital information on real-world elements, enhancing reality with digital details that supplement the real-world environment. VR fully immerses the user in a virtual environment by tricking the senses with sounds and imagery. While AR and VR have been largely used for gaming and entertainment, they have enormous potential for medical procedures, injury rehab, PTSD, mental health treatment and a broad range of training scenarios.
  • Internet browsers: Perhaps the most frequently accessed and arguably the most essential software, internet browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge help us find and access websites across the Internet.
  • Email software: Email software like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and others has become an essential tool for business and personal communications. 
  • Desktop publishing software: Once the realm of graphic designers, desktop publishing offers templates and creative elements to average users for making newsletters, signs, banners, greeting cards, social media memes, infographics and more. Word processing software like Microsoft Word and Pages also falls under the desktop publishing umbrella. 
  • Spreadsheet software: Tools like Excel and Numbers have applications for budgeting, accounting, finances, data, project management and a plethora of other uses. Use it for plotting charts and graphs, and doing complex mathematical calculations.
  • Communications Software: Communication software provides remote access from user to user via mobile devices and desktop computers. Most of us use communications software throughout the day to interact with friends, family, coworkers and business partners. It enables us to exchange files and messages via text, audio and video. As more people work and learn remotely, advanced communications software will continue to play an ever greater role in business and education. 
  • Entertainment and multimedia software: Multimedia entertainment applications engage users with books, films, music, games and podcasts. The ability to stream entertainment from anywhere has all but obliterated CDs, DVDs, hardcover books, network television and commercial radio broadcasts. Both streaming services and devices are continually evolving to sate our never-ending appetites for amusement.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software: Customer relations are crucial to any business. CRM software helps companies cope with customer inquiries, complaints and needs without overwhelming customer care staff. Data analysis about customer demographics, buying history and other metrics helps companies improve business relationships with customers and provides important information about customer behavior, to attract new customers, improve customer retention and increase sales.

Customized Software Solutions by Tateeda

With so many types of application software available, it can be difficult to decide which solutions will best solve your problems and meet your business requirements. That’s where Tateeda comes in. 

Whether you are a fledgling startup or a large corporation, our dedicated team of software development professionals can help you identify your software needs and create flexible customized solutions that scale with your business. Contact Tateeda today, and let us help your business grow with customized application software solutions. 

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